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    Local & Organic Flowers

    It’s time to think about sustainable flowers. Most of the beautiful bouquets we buy in the US come with large carbon and chemical footprints: 80% of commercial cut flowers are grown in South America and travel thousands of miles before… View More

    3 Steps to Better Coffee & a Greener Start to Your Day

    Would you like to get lots of environmental and social impact for very little effort? Coffee is a great start. A very small effort yields a huge benefit to our environment and to coffee farming communities. The human race drinks 1.6 BILLION… View More

    Step by Step: 50 Shades of Green

    If you are making the transition from industrial food to organics, here's the place to start. A new version of the "Dirty Dozen" - the 12 fruits and vegetables with the heaviest concentrations of pesticides when they reach your kitchen… View More

    The North Face Gets Greener

    The ugly hidden side of fashion is getting a makeover! I want to tell you about a nice eco initiative from The North Face. First, though, I have say that Patagonia is so far out in front of competitors when… View More

    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    This is a teabag from a box of organic green tea I recently bought at the supermarket. Each tea bag comes neatly sealed in clear plastic, then packed into a box that is also wrapped in plastic. All that packaging… View More

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