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    Brewing Tea Without Toxic Chemicals

    I love tea. All kinds of tea. Smoky Lapsong Souchong, Russian Caravan, Darjeeling, Jasmine, so many tea & spice blends of Chai, as well as the more traditional breakfast blends ... but I've had a tough time finding good organic… View More

    Going Shopping? The Good Guide App Will Screen the Products You Buy

    Don't go to the supermarket or drug store without the Good Guide app on your phone. Good Guide is a long-running project that has so far rated 250,000 products on environmental, health, and social responsibility factors. The app is a… View More

    TO DO LIST: Download the “Think Dirty” App to Screen for Chemicals in Your Makeup

    "Think Dirty" is an app you can download to either an iPhone or an Android-based phone from your app store. Use it to scan the barcode of your cosmetics and personal care products, and it will tell you which ingredients… View More

    TO DO LIST: Download the Green Hopping App

    Green Hopping is an app you can download free from either the Apple or Google app stores. It will check your location and help you find nearby vegetarian restaurants, health food stores, and juice bars. Coverage currently includes 14 cities… View More

    TO DO LIST: Get a New Toothpaste

    To build a sustainable, non-toxic economy - one that doesn’t poison us and our environment in order to support us economically - we need three key players: business (environmentally sound products), government (environmental regulations), and consumers (you and me). You… View More

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