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    Celebrate Your Mother, Woman of the Year

    This Mother’s Day, we encourage you to go beyond gadgets and oven mitts and to see your mother as Woman of the Year. How deeply do you know your mother as a person? Did she sacrifice interests and talents to… View More

    Invest in a Grassroots Green Economy Through Kiva

    Twenty percent of the world’s population — 1.3 billion people — continue to use unhealthy, polluting sources of energy such as kerosene, charcoal and diesel. Black carbon, for example, which is produced by kerosene cookstoves, may garner fewer headlines than… View More

    Sharon Palmer’s Top 5 Earth Month Diet Tips

    Our diets are key to living sustainable personal lives and, in the bigger picture, creating a sustainable economy. As with everything we recommend here at Greener Daily Life, we believe that the perfect can sometimes be the enemy of the good. It's… View More

    Welcome to Your Fresh and Vibrant Home (Part Three)

    Earlier, we explored steps you can take to create a healthier, more sustainable home, limiting environmental hazards by using organic, eco-friendly, and non-toxic options. We started with the most significant culprits responsible for indoor air pollution: off-gassing paint (Part One), synthetic… View More

    Welcome to Your Fresh and Vibrant Home (Part Two)

    Now that Daylight Savings Time has arrived for most of the United States, here are some additional ways to “spring forward” inside your home. In Part One, we looked at the hazards of indoor air pollution caused by the breakdown… View More

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