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    Welcome to Your Fresh and Vibrant Home (Part One)

    After Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day, many of us start craving signs of spring. An appealing way to invite spring into your home early is spring cleaning - with a twist! Use the weeks before the Spring Equinox (March 20)… View More

    Chocolate’s Secret Heart of Darkness … and Its Better Angels

    Chocolate - what’s not to love? Especially now that the evidence is piling up for the health benefits of this mood-lifting food of the gods. The ancient Aztecs prized cacao seeds so highly they used them as a form of money.… View More

    Replanting a Forest and Getting Premium Coffee: Does It Get Any Better?

    I dearly love a good cup of coffee. I’m also a treehugger from way back. So put premium coffee together with a forest restoration project and, for me, it doesn’t get any better. That’s why I am supporting – and… View More

    Gorgeous Flowers but … Don’t Inhale!

    There are many occasions on which you might want to send flowers to someone special. As with most things in our chemical-happy society, we suggest doing a few minutes of homework before placing your order. About 80% of cut flowers sold in… View More

    Getting to Know Sustainable Fabrics

    by Elena X. Wang We all know that natural fabrics are better than synthetic fabrics, but how much better, and what are the sustainably produced alternatives? Natural fabrics are made from renewable resources because they are either plant-based – cotton, linen,… View More

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