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    Happy INTERdependence Day Jul 02, 2019

    We Americans have had a long love affair with the myth of the rugged individual: John Wayne, Neil Armstrong, LeBron James, and so on. The myth pictures the (usually male)…

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    4 Steps to Conscious Consumerism: The Epic Stories of Everyday Things May 31, 2016

    Does it matter how something was made, or just whether it does the job you need it to do? I have a little statuette of John Lennon on my desk.…

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    Electric Vehicles: More Practical & Affordable Than Ever Apr 03, 2016

    This year already marks a huge milestone on the road to greener personal transportation. News from both General Motors and Tesla promises to deliver mass-market all-electric cars next year that…

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    It’s Spring and a Homeowner’s Thoughts Turn to … Chemicals Mar 24, 2016

    The beginning of Spring is a good time to rethink your lawn. Grassy lawns are incredibly popular for good reason – they give neighborhoods a unifying feature, the hold up…

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    Idealists Making It Real Mar 17, 2016

    I’ve been an idealist all my life. I can get so fascinated with an idea that I lose track of the practical implications. I know that. But I’ve also spent…

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    Clean Power for Your Home Is Literally a 5-minute Phone Call Away Mar 09, 2016

    In about the time it will take you to read this blog, you can make a phone call or visit a website and switch your home’s electricity to clean, renewably…

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    Restoring a Tropical Cloudforest and Growing a Sustainable Coffee Farm Feb 28, 2016

    How often do we get a chance to restore a damaged ecosystem, create a model sustainable farm, and get a package of delicious coffee at the same time? Here’s one.…

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    Safe Cosmetics? Yes, but Finding Healthy Personal Care Products Is a Men’s Issue, Too! Feb 25, 2016

    According to GoodGuide.com, a useful and trusted source of product safety ratings, the European Union “has banned the use of more than 1,000 substances in cosmetics; in contrast, the U.S.…

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    What’s Your Coat Made Of? Feb 18, 2016

    By Colleen Ward With winter is in full swing for many of us, staying warm and dry often involves a coat containing down or a synthetic material similar to down.…

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    Hire Yourself a Farmer Feb 11, 2016

    It's not too early in the year to think about joining a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture organization. When you join a CSA, you are subscribing to receive a share…

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    A Green Look at Vegan Leather Alternatives Feb 04, 2016

    By Colleen Ward Vegan leather. Sounds good, but what is it? And is it green? An early definition of veganism is "the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals."…

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    Valentine Flowers: Choose Organic and Local Jan 29, 2016

    Valentine's Day is the perfect time to think about finding better sources for flower bouquets. Most of the beautiful bouquets we buy in the US are imported, and that means…

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