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    Restoring a Tropical Cloudforest and Growing a Sustainable Coffee Farm

    How often do we get a chance to restore a damaged ecosystem, create a model sustainable farm, and get a package of delicious coffee at the same time? Here’s one.

    Although Indiegogo campaigns multiply daily, here is one that speaks to me in a profound way and offers a delicious reward.

    Tambo Quinde is a sustainable specialty coffee farm under development on land that was once ravaged by slash-and-burn cattle ranching in Ecuador’s “cloud forest” (meaning, a forest at 3,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level). It is situated in a unique microclimate, 6,000 feet above sea level, the magical altitude for growing high-quality, delicious coffee beans. The equator runs through the farm.

    Tambo Quinde vista

    Tambo Quinde’s founders set out to create a model sustainable coffee farm and educational platform in one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet. The project is a collaboration between Tiny Footprint Coffee in Minneapolis (motto: “You drink coffee, we plant trees”) and two partners in Ecuador – Brian Krohnke, director the The Mindo Cloudforest Foundation and brother of Tiny Footprint’s founder, Alan Krohnke, and Juan Manuel Carrion, a respected ornithologist.

    “After spending the last 20 years returning this degraded land to its full splendor, we’re ready to take our operations to the next level by expanding the farm, which is home to hundreds of bird species; creating more opportunities for eco-tourism; enhancing the quality of product through sustainable practices; and building the tourist friendly Café Tambo Quinde,” said Krohnke.

    The Indiegogo campaign will fund equipment that will give the farmers control over every stage of coffee production, expand the coffee farm, build eco-tourism facilities, provide jobs, and help grow the local economy. The partners are planting a natural shade-tree forest, with coffee trees growing in the shaded understory, to restore a sustainable, biodiverse ecosystem.

    A variety of perks are offered to backers of the Indiegogo project – most enticingly, coffee beans from Tambo Quinde’s first harvest, which have already arrived at Tiny Footprint Coffee in Minneapolis for roasting!

    I can’t wait to taste the first fruits of this project! Please join me in supporting Tambo Quinde on Indiegogo!

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