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    Wearing Your Values: Day22 Boutique, Now On Sale

    As conscious consumers and believers in sustainable business, we choose certain products because we believe in values-based commerce. Our purchases are more than strictly financial transactions – they show respect for the earth, for workers, and for ethical values.

    No sustainable retailer puts values more upfront than day22 Boutique. Day22’s navigation bar allows customers to search the online store by a variety of ethical criteria, not just by product categories. Categories include charitable, fair trade, handmade, non-toxic, organic, recycled, sustainable dyes, USA made, and vegan products.

    I’m a big fan of the aspirations captured by day22’s motto: “It takes 21 days to create a new healthy habit . . . who do you want to be on day22?”

    Everything is 40% off at day22 through Friday (January 15). Just use code NEWYEAR when you check out.

    (We received no compensation whatsoever for this post.)

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