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    Get a Cleaner Pair of Jeans

    Why You Need Cleaner Clothes

    True Cost water discharge for LPIt’s anything but a circle of life. It takes 2/3 pound pesticides and 2,000 gallons of polluted water to make an average pair of jeans. Cotton farmers can no longer drink from their own wells, because of the chemical runoff. Asian garment workers sew our jeans in degrading sweatshop conditions for barely a subsistence wage.

    Better Choices Exist

    Patagonia jeans label for LPPatagonia set the bar in the late 1990s, committing to use only organic cotton in its jeans and cotton clothing. (Learn more: Patagonia’s “Denim is Filthy Business” campaign.) Since then, sources of organic cotton have become more plentiful, new techniques have been developed for dyeing fabrics and a growing group of environmentally and socially conscious designers and new fashion brands have taken root.

    Well Made, Inside & Out

    person-731243_1280 pixabay 1050x600 copyWe’ll connect you with innovative brands whose clothes feel good, and which you can feel good about … clothes that are • great looking • comfortable and durable • made with organic or recycled fabrics • use environmentally sound production • employ fair labor practices.

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