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    We have carefully selected the brands and products featured here.  Each one is committed to reinventing their industry to have a positive impact on the workers who make their products, the environment we share, and you, their customer.

    “Individually, you are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Learn why we need better stuff

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    Made from 100% Silk Crepe de Chine.

    Men’s Brad Chambray Shirt LS

    Soft and comfortable, while still being dressy enough for any...

    Cold Press Elixer #9

    Carbon Negative Coffee, Certified Organic 100% Shade-Grown Arabica Bean

    Fair Trade Organic Halter Dress

    100% organic Pima cotton interlock

    Flora Hand Embroidered Fair Trade Wool Belt

    A gorgeous accessory for any outfit

    Organic Nettle Leaf Tea

    100% compostable packaging, organic and fair trade tea

    Guatemala | Huehuetenango Adiesto Dark Roast

    Rich dark roast flavor wrapped around a melange of sweet...

    Eira Silk Dress

    Made of 100% 16 mm Silk Crepe de Chine

    When it comes to energy, now you have a choice.

    As consumers, we “vote with our wallets” every day for the kind of world we want to live in.

    Fair Trade Organic Men’s Button Pullover Sweater

    Made of 100% organic Tanguis cotton

    The Silk Cami Top

    Features a Deep V neck front and back, also with adjustable straps

    Signature Blend Dark Roast

    Certified Organic 100% Shade-Grown Arabica Bean Coffee.

    Arbor Teas: Organic Matcha Green Tea

    High-quality matcha with a thick vegetal taste and minimal bitterness.

    The Vina Turtle Neck Sweater

    Made of 100% Merino Wool for a luxe look and feel

    Fair Trade Baby Alpaca Scarf

    Gorgeously soft, wonderfully warm, and an instant way to add...

    Women’s Cotton Pique Color Block Dress

    The Cotton pique dress transcends of-the-moment trends for classic, statement...

    Jersey Jumpsuit / Sherbert

    Soft & comfortable, this jumpsuit will become your favorite piece.

    All kinds of gifts representing the best in organic living

    Girls Veera PUNJAMMIES


    Safer skin care for your gift recipients

    Choice Organic Tea

    Organic, fair trade tea gift sets

    Letterpress Chocolate

    Organic, sustainably farmed, vegan chocolate, hand-crafted in L.A.

    Burt’s Bees Baby

    100% organic, thoughtfully crafted baby clothes

    Dean’s Beans

    Organic, fair trade coffee produced in partnership with farmer co-ops


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    Why We Need Better Everyday Stuff

    If you look at the science about what is happening on earth and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t understand the data. But if you meet the people who are working to restore this earth and the lives of the poor and you aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a pulse.” (Paul Hawken)


    Sustainability is next-generation design. No matter how nice a thing looks, it isn’t well designed if it’s made under sweatshop working conditions, using toxic materials and polluting production methods. We can do better. The entrepreneurs we will introduce you to here ARE doing better.

    The pursuit of inexpensive food, energy, clothing, and transportation creates waste on an enormous scale, toxic byproducts that affect our health, and working conditions that are unsafe and unfair. We tell companies that’s OK by continuing to buy products that are made that way.

    But the truth is, all that is unnecessary. Sustainable alternatives have been created by amazing, values-driven entrepreneurs who are reimagining how everyday goods should be made and distributed. They design better products from sustainable raw materials, use operating methods that are healthy for both people and the planet, treat workers well across their entire business, and make products that are beautiful, innovative, durable, and recyclable.

    Finding them can be the hard part, but we’ve done some of that for you. Browse our website and discover the future.

    Change what you buy, change the world.

    What difference can it make if you change what you buy? Your everyday choices can be the seeds of a smarter, more beautiful way of life – one that will nourish us and our children. Every product or service you buy funds either the old, unsustainable economy, or the emerging clean economy. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to leave your children.

    Every one of us can:

    1. Reduce our personal environmental footprint

    2. Feel better and safer about the products we and our families use every day

    3. Influence others by our example

    4. Reward entrepreneurs who are reinventing business, instead of supporting tired, old industrial dinosaurs

    5. Show companies that profits are shifting from unsustainable to sustainable business

    6. Join millions of others in adding a brick to the foundation of a clean, healthy, and prosperous 21st century economy

    Not bad. Don’t you agree? Need some ideas on how to get started? Click here.

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