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  • Baby Clothes

    Baby Hero Shop | About | Blog |

    Organic, fair trade, and a bonus! Each purchase funds a health kit designed to reduce neonatal deaths by 30%-40% in regions where women give birth without medical care. Make your baby a Baby Hero!

    Burt’s Bees Baby Shop | About | Blog |

    Safe and sustainable baby clothes, blankets, bath and skin care, and toys.  REGISTRY

    Kateson Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Baby clothes from a handloom co-operative that hand-dyes organic cotton in herbs & botanicals, based on Ayurvedic tradition, for their wellness benefits

    Monica and Andy Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Baby clothes, blankets, and gifts made from the safest and softest fabrics, designed by moms, for moms. “If we can’t make it better, then we won’t put our name on it.”

    Nui Organics Shop | About | Blog |

    Baby clothes made with organic merino wool for a unique beauty, function and sustainability, and organic cotton for its purity, softness and look. No harsh chemicals.

    PACT Shop | About |

    Organic cotton socks, underwear, tees, and baby clothes with style and attitude. Fair trade.  STORE LOCATOR

    Sprout San Francisco Shop | About | Blog |

    Everything you need to create a healthy home for children: clothes, toys, bedding, furniture, bathing and personal care, and safe household cleaners | REGISTRY | RETAIL LOCATIONS

    Under the Nile About | Blog |

    Founded in 1998 by a “mom with a mission,” Under the Nile uses 100% organic Egyptian cotton and fair trade practices.  REGISTRY

    Baby Bedding

    Boll & Branch Shop | About | Media

    Fine bedding, made ethically from organic cotton with non-toxic dyes, designed to “look beautiful, feel amazing, and tell a happy story.” Partners with Not For Sale to address the causes of modern slavery.


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    • "Walking on the green Earth, we realize the wonder of being alive."

      - Thich Nhat Hanh
    • "We must  become the change we wish to see in the world."

      - Gandhi
    • "Preserving life should be the natural result of commerce, not the exception."

      - Paul Hawken
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