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    Conscious Fashion Brands

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  • Callina

    Alpaca knitwear, ethically and environmentally sourced, sustainably dyed, and hand-knit and -woven by Peruvian artisans.

    Ethical Silk Company

    100% eco-friendly, ethically made, and deliciously soft mulberry silk clothing and bedding.

    Fair Indigo

    Style with a Conscience: multi-brand fashion retailer that lets you shop your values by selecting fair trade, organic fabric, made in USA, recycled, vegan, and reusable items.


    Award-winning hand-made fashion, organic fibers, low-impact dyes and manufacturing, fair trade labor. The Fair Trace app lets you meet the creator of each garment.


    Women’s apparel made from recycled materials, providing ethical support to the communities where the company works. “Beautiful for you. Kind to the Planet.” FIND RETAILERS


    Beautiful design combined with a craftsperson’s focus on materials – look and feel, durability, environmental impact. Nau sets the bar higher every season in “the never-ending quest for better.” FIND RETAILERS

    Rambler’s Way

    Super-fine, beautiful, durable wool clothing for men and women, made in the US from unique, responsibly sourced and skillfully crafted American wool.


    Sometimes price can be an obstacle to buying sustainable fashion. Siizu offers high-quality, sustainable and ethical women’s fashion at reasonable prices. 10% of sales fund American forest restoration.

    Threads for Thought

    Women’s and men’s “fashion that evokes a lifestyle of shared responsibility for each other and our world.” B Corp. LOOKBOOKS

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