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    Ecodiva Shop | About | Blog |

    Skin care brands selected for their integrity and sustainability practices, as well as the safety of their ingredients.

    Integrity Botanicals Shop | About | Blog |

    Lush assortment of luxurious green beauty and personal care products. Curated via @ewg ratings and personally tested by passionate health/beauty advocates. 3 free samples w every order.


    Beautycounter Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Full line of cosmetics formulated with safety first, transparent ingredients disclosure, and responsible sourcing.

    Earth Tu Face Shop | About | Blog | Media

    100% plant-based, food-based ingredients. Many organic, wildcrafted, or non-GMO. No synthetics, toxins, or preservatives. Eco-friendly packaging.

    HAUT Shop | About | Blog |

    Canadian sourced and crafted, enzyme-activated, vegan. iCustom blends blur the line between skin care and makeup; interactive site helps you find the perfect blend for your skin.

    Juice Beauty Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Organic, antioxidant-rich botanical formulations with independently verified results. Vegan. Locally sourced. Solar powered facilities. And Gwyneth Paltrow. RETAILERS


    Kari Gran

    Hand-poured products, with hand-written expiration dates, made from natural, organic, and wild-harvested ingredients. “The little black dress of eco skin care.”

    Organic Bath

    Body scrubs, washes, oils, and butters. A Boston-area start-up that is beginning to be recognized for its high-quality products

    Plain Jane Beauty

    “An eco-beauty color cosmetics line, inspired by nature’s brilliant colors,” made with mostly organic, 100% vegan ingredients, with a focus on fully sustainable operations.

    Po•tion Naked Essentials

    Po•tion Naked Essentials is a new brand of 100% plant-based, organic skin care and cosmetics products, all rated a safe 1 or 2 score by EWG.

    SHOP  |  ABOUT  |  BLOG  |  MEDIA

    Soapwalla Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Skin care made with food-grade ingredients. Vegan. Mostly organic. Created by a lupus sufferer out of sheer necessity. RETAILERS


    Teadora Beauty Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Natural and organic beauty products made with novel rainforest ingredients, fair trade sourced, sustainably harvested, carbon reduction focused, recyclable and biodegradable. Sales fund rainforest conservation. Vegan. B Corp.

    Thesis Beauty Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Pure, vegan, eco-friendly products that really work, without breaking the bank. Organic where possible.

    White & Elm Shop | About | Blog | Media

    Sustainable skincare products made with 10 natural ingredients or less. Locally produced, mostly organic, vegan.


    Pure Botanic Vibes Shop | About |

    All natural, artisan, vegan perfumes blended w ethically sourced pure essential oils and botanical extracts in fractionated coconut oil.

    Smartphone Apps for Shopping

    Beat the Microbead

    Beat the Microbead scans the barcode of personal care products and tells you if they contain plastic microbeads, a common ingredient in skin cleansers. Microbeads pass through the water treatment process, absorbing chemicals along the way, and end up in waterways where fish mistake them for food. Fish can either die as plastic accumulates in their bodies, or pass along the chemicals up the food chain. Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.

    Good Guide

    Good Guide is packed with carefully researched information on the environmental, health, and social impacts of over 250,000 food and personal care products. Use this app on your smartphone to scan the barcode on any product package to check its rating, see which ingredients raise health concerns, and find alternative products with better ratings.

    Skin Deep

    The Environmental Working Group publishes tons of useful, carefully researched information on the personal and environmental safety of consumer products, and their Skin Deep database rates over 80,000 cosmetics and skin-care products. Download to your phone, take the app shopping with you and scan product bar codes to get their ratings. Available in the iPhone and Android app stores.

    Think Dirty

    Think Dirty rates the health risk of cosmetics and personal care products – almost anything you might use on your skin. Scan the barcode on any product to see its ingredients and their potential health risks. Created by two non-profits, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund. Available for both iPhone and Android.


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