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    Fair Trade Chocolate

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  • Askinosie

    Pioneers in direct trade, artisan bean-to-bar chocolate, supporting farming communities and profit-sharing with farmers. Missouri.

    Divine Chocolate

    Premium, fair trade chocolate from 85,000-member Kuapa Kokoo, farmer cooperative in Ghana, which holds an ownership stake in Divine. Kosher.

    Equal Exchange Co-op

    A worker-owned co-op created 25 years ago to build partnerships with small coffee, tea, and chocolate farmers/co-ops. Economically just, environmentally sound. Massachusetts.

    Letterpress Chocolate

    Sourcing cacao from a sustainable agroforestry project and managing all production steps in-house in L.A. Mostly organic. Vegan. California.

    Madecasse Chocolate

    Direct trade chocolate produced from bean to bar at the source from heirloom cacao. Madagascar.


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