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    Local & Organic Flowers

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  • Local Harvest – Flowers

    Local harvest is a fantastic resource for finding local organic farmers, community supported agriculture (CSA) organizations, farmers’ markets and related events. It will also help you find locally grown and organic flowers.

    Organic Bouquet

    If you can’t find a local source, Organic Bouquet will ship you beautiful, organically grown flowers. They deliver gorgeous bouquets and support development of a more robust sustainable cut-flower industry.

    Slow Flowers

    SlowFlowers.com offers a directory to local flower growers and sellers in the US. Some, but not all, offer organic blooms. Even the non-organic sources, though, are likely to have a smaller carbon footprint, since they’ll be traveling shorter distances.


    Veriflora certifies that the flower growers, distributors and florists it approves offer “only the highest quality products, produced with rigorous environmental accountability, … addressing the health and well-being of workers, their families and communities.”


    Local & Organic Flowers

    It’s time to think about sustainable flowers. Most of the beautiful bouquets we buy in the US come with large…

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