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    Organic & Fair Trade Coffee

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  • The Bean

    Organic, small-batch roasted. Lots of flavored and holiday blends. San Diego.

    Black Coffee Roasting

    A small roaster minimizing its eco-footprint and contributing to its Missoula, Montana community. “A great cup of coffee has the ability to change the pathway of a person’s day.”

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    Burlap and Bean Coffee

    Organic, fair trade coffee since 2006. Try the coffee tour (subscription) of beans from coffee-growing regions of the world. “Roasting coffee ~ Brewing harmony.” near Philadelphia. WHOLESALE

    Cafe Altura

    The original organic coffee … since 1980. Cafe Altura offers many specialty beans, processes (biodynamic), and sources. Ventura, Calif.

    Dean’s Beans

    For over 20 years, roasting coffee that is socially just and environmentally responsible, every step from farmer to you. Organic, fair trade, kosher. Massachusetts. WHOLESALE | FUNDRAISING

    Equal Exchange Co-op

    A worker-owned co-op created 25 years ago to build partnerships with small coffee, tea, and chocolate farmers/co-ops. Economically just, environmentally sound. Massachusetts.

    Grounds & Hounds Coffee

    Purpose-driven organic coffee roaster: 20% of proceeds to dog rescue organizations – “Every pound saves a hound”


    Grounds For Change

    Organic, fair trade, shade-grown coffee, small-batch roasted in Washington state. A thoroughly zero-impact operation from farm to cup. Certified CarbonFree®, B Corp. Washington State.  WHOLESALE

    Groundwork Coffee

    100% organic, artisanal coffee and tea. Solar-powered, low-emission roasting techniques = small footprint + large flavor. Los Angeles.  ORGANIC TEA | RETAIL LOCATIONS

    Kicking Horse Coffee

    Organic, fair trade, shade-grown coffee, roasted with an attitude in the Canadian Rockies. Canada’s #1 selling whole bean coffee!  |  STORE LOCATOR

    Nossa Familia Coffee

    Sustainably roasting beans from Brazilian farms in the roaster’s family for over a century. Portland, Oregon. B Corp. (Not all blends organic)

    Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters

    A small-batch, organic coffee roaster using energy-efficient roasting equipment and electric delivery vehicles. Certified Kosher. Connecticut.  WHOLESALE

    Tiny Footprint Coffee

    Carbon restorative, organic, fair trade coffee takes sustainability to the next level. “You Drink Coffee, We Plant Trees.” Minnesota. WHOLESALE


    Urth Caffe

    Direct sourcing from select group of organic, shade-grown coffee farms. Los Angeles.  BUY COFFEE | BUY TEA | RETAILERS


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