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  • Beat the Microbead

    Beat the Microbead scans the barcode of personal care products and tells you if they contain plastic microbeads, a common ingredient in skin cleansers. Microbeads pass through the water treatment process, absorbing chemicals along the way, and end up in waterways where fish mistake them for food. Fish can either die as plastic accumulates in their bodies, or pass along the chemicals up the food chain. Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.

    Good Guide

    Good Guide is packed with carefully researched information on the environmental, health, and social impacts of over 250,000 food and personal care products. Use this app on your smartphone to scan the barcode on any product package to check its rating, see which ingredients raise health concerns, and find alternative products with better ratings.

    Skin Deep

    The Environmental Working Group publishes tons of useful, carefully researched information on the personal and environmental safety of consumer products, and their Skin Deep database rates over 80,000 cosmetics and skin-care products. Download to your phone, take the app shopping with you and scan product bar codes to get their ratings. Available in the iPhone and Android app stores.

    Think Dirty

    Think Dirty rates the health risk of cosmetics and personal care products – almost anything you might use on your skin. Scan the barcode on any product to see its ingredients and their potential health risks. Created by two non-profits, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Breast Cancer Fund. Available for both iPhone and Android.


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