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    Tea: Organic & Fair Trade

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  • Arbor Teas

    Huge selection of organic/fair trade teas, compostable packaging + carbon-free business practices. Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Choice Organic Tea

    More varieties of Organic, Fair Trade Certified teas than any other company in North America. Sustainably operated for 25 years. Seattle. STORE LOCATOR



    Equal Exchange Co-op

    A worker-owned co-op created 25 years ago to build partnerships with small coffee, tea, and chocolate farmers/co-ops. Economically just, environmentally sound. Massachusetts.

    Groundwork Coffee

    100% organic, artisanal coffee and tea. Solar-powered, low-emission roasting techniques = small footprint + large flavor. Los Angeles.  ORGANIC TEA | RETAIL LOCATIONS

    Numi Organic Tea

    100% organic, full leaf teas of the highest grade. Loose leaf and compostable tea bags. Certified Kosher and Halal. Oakland, California. RETAILERS

    Teatulia Organic Tea

    Organic teas from a single-garden cooperative dedicated to improving community living standards in Bangladesh. B Corp. Denver. RETAILERS

    Urth Caffe

    Direct sourcing from select group of organic, shade-grown coffee farms. Los Angeles.  BUY COFFEE | BUY TEA | RETAILERS


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    Brewing Tea Without Toxic Chemicals

    I love tea. All kinds of tea. Smoky Lapsong Souchong, Russian Caravan, Darjeeling, Jasmine, so many tea & spice blends…

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