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    Brewing Tea Without Toxic Chemicals

    I love tea. All kinds of tea. Smoky Lapsong Souchong, Russian Caravan, Darjeeling, Jasmine, so many tea & spice blends of Chai, as well as the more traditional breakfast blends … but I’ve had a tough time finding good organic black tea.

    Search completed! Choice Organic Teas offers an English Breakfast that surprises and delights me with every cup. Their Chai Spice Black Tea is a winner, too. Choice is certified organic, fair trade, and is a buyer of wind energy. Knowing all that, it tastes even better. Read about their teas here, and about the company here.

    On a more traditional note, Tetley, one of the giants of the tea business, has committed to meeting Rainforest Alliance standards for sustainably and ethically sourced tea leaves by next year (read here). I don’t know how sustainably they run their operations, but this by itself is a big step forward.

    Tetley’s move demonstrates OUR POWER! As food producers (and the producers of many consumer products) see the seismic shift taking shape as we switch to organic foods, they’ll make the changes they have to make to try to keep our business … and our world will be better for the change. Meanwhile, the Choice Organic Teas of the world will be rewarded for their commitment.

    P.S. Buying iced tea in a bottle? Honest Tea is brewed with organic and fair trade certified tea and sugar. Learn more here.

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