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    Denim is Filthy Business – Patagonia’s New Campaign

    Twenty years ago, Patagonia decided to stop using non-organic cotton in its jeans and other cotton clothing. Not someday. Not when the growers could adapt. Immediately. One little problem: there wasn’t much organic cotton available. Patagonia actually cut back their product line for several years while the supply of organic cotton grew to meet this new demand. They decided to sell less in order to do it right.

    Why? Because products you’re proud to sell can’t make the mess that traditional clothing production makes.

    Each pair of traditionally manufactured blue jeans requires 10 or 11 ounces of pesticides (to grow the cotton), 2,000 gallons of water polluted with toxic dyes and related chemicals, and sweatshop labor that would look familiar to Charles Dickens. But thanks to ethical businesses like Patagonia, that no longer has to be true. It’s just a one-minute video – watch now.

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