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    Fashion & Recycling

    Ethically produced down is hard to come by, so the growing availability of recycled down is a great story (cool video here on Ecouterre). Portland, Oregon-based Nau is offering a full line of recycled down coats and jackets that will make you feel good and look good. And Patagonia (of course!) has its own Traceable Down standard. Both are worth a careful look if you are thinking of buying a down coat or jacket this year.

    Ecouterre also reports on H&M’s garment recycling initiative. Americans throw away (in landfills) 70 to 80 pounds of clothing each, every year, on average. Much of that could be recycled into new fabrics. H&M is co-sponsoring college clothing recycling competition, as well as offering cash prizes to innovators who make a significant contribution to advancing textile recycling technologies. In addition, “All H&M stores globally accept clothing and textiles of any brand, in any condition, year round that can be recycled in their garment recycling boxes,”

    You can feel the momentum growing behind textile recycling.

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