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    Father’s Day Gifts: Green & Ethical

    This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the man who taught us to do the right thing, to look out for others, and to leave the world a better place than we found it. For the man who helped shape your world, here are some gift ideas that respect the world we all share.

    Coffee/Tea Gifts & Subscriptions

    We’ve got a wonderful selection of organic, fair trade coffee roasters on GreenerDailyLife.com, all of which offer gift collections, samplers, and and coffee subscriptions, for a gift that keeps on giving. Some brands also come with great stories. Pachamama is a farmer-owned cooperative that raises the standard of living among its farmers, and Dean’s Beans does the same by cultivating long-term relationships and profit-sharing with farmer co-ops. Equal Exchange is an employee-owned cooperative, and one of our standard go-to sources when the cupboard is bare. Grounds & Hounds donates a portion of every sale to dog rescue organizations.

    How about a delicious selection of tea? We have throughly tasted a variety of organic and fair trade teas from several reliable sources. We wholeheartedly recommend Arbor Teas,  Choice Organic Teas, Numi Tea, and Teatulia. Arbor Teas offers a huge selection of loose leaf teas, including gifts, samplers, and a tea of the month club. And they’ve done a lot of work to make their packaging thoroughly compostable (learn more here). Teatulia is grown on a plantation that has transformed the economy and the lives of its farmers in the Himalayan foothills of northern Bangladesh (learn more here).

    Fair Trade Chocolate

    Recently, we reviewed the a selection of fair-trade and farmer-owned chocolate brands. Delicious chocolate that ALSO supports a fair wage and a better standard of living for farmers … What could be bad? Learn more here.

    Cold Brew

    For coffee-loving fathers who haven’t yet tried cold brew, it’s about time. Cold brew is made by soaking ground coffee in cold water for 12 hours or more. The result is a concentrated liquid, to which you add either hot or cold water and/or milk to taste. The cold brewing process extracts much less acidity from the coffee grounds than standard hot brewing, producing a rich, mellow cup of coffee, hot or iced.

    We’ve reviewed two organic cold brews: Kohana Coffee and Chameleon Cold Brew. Our listings for both include retail store locators, or you can order online.

    Summer Clothes He’ll Love

    Our favorite sustainable clothing brands offer a great selection of beautifully designed, sustainably made men’s shirts and shorts for summer, including brands such as Nau, Fair IndigoIndigenous, Rambler’s WayUnited by Blue, Outerknown and, of course, Patagonia.

    Vegan Bags, Belts and Wallets

    Our clothing sections include makers of beautifully designed, ethical, and vegan belts and wallets. Our favorites include items made from renewable cork, a surprisingly beautiful, resilient, and adaptable material that is naturally waterproof and stain-resistant, from brands such as Cork by DesignMatt & Nat, Ono Creations, and Cliff NYC.

     Organic Cotton Socks

    OK, socks might sound boring, but the designs by Conscious Step and PACT are anything but … and Conscious Step offers a nice gift box selection, too, with a donation to a good cause baked in.


    For the man who loves books, here are several of our favorites:

    • Stunning photographs of wildlife our grandchildren may only see in books. This oversized book by David Yarrow, Wild Encounters, is a gem.
    • For the foodie Dad, either of Michael Pollan’s best-sellers: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, or In Defense of Food, will provide food for thought as well as guidance on what to make for dinner.
    • For the businessman, an introduction to the intricate connections between business decisions and environmental, social, and climate impacts – with a positive vision of a clean, new economy, in Paul Hawken’s Drawdown, or the classic The Ecology of Commerce.

    Finally, the best gift we can imagine is scheduling a shared outdoor event – maybe a picnic, camping trip, fishing, a hike or simply a stroll. Prepare treats: pack some enticing organic nibbles and plenty of fluids. Dads can be tough to find gifts for, but this one is a sure thing.

    There are lots of ways to delight the father(s) in your life – and even to nudge Dad in a greenish direction – while still respecting Mother Earth. Happy Father’s Day!

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