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    Going Shopping? The Good Guide App Will Screen the Products You Buy

    Don’t go to the supermarket or drug store without the Good Guide app on your phone. Good Guide is a long-running project that has so far rated 250,000 products on environmental, health, and social responsibility factors. The app is a fantastic shopping tool, based on the in-depth research you can find online at GoodGuide.com.

    Scan the barcode on any product package to:

    • see its rating on health, environmental, and social factors
    • check the ingredients, and see which ones raise health concerns
    • find alternative products with better ratings

    Good Guide uses a rigorous method for rating products, and its leaders have impeccable credentials: a UC Berkeley expert on supply chains (“tracking product life cycles from resource extraction to manufacturing to consumer use and disposal”), an expert in chemical risk assessment and pollution, and a team of specialists in environmental engineering, chemistry, nutrition, and sociology. It’s hard to believe that this incredible resource isn’t more widely known!

    Download the Good Guide app from your mobile app store today, and use it on your next trip to the market. Or consult GoodGuide.com on your desktop computer.

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