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    H&M Cleans Up Our Act

    Clothing us all is a dirty business. The cotton crop is the top user of pesticides globally, many synthetics are made from petroleum, and dyes and manufacturing pollute vast amounts of water.

    There was a time we didn’t know any better, but now we do. There are plenty of “clean” alternatives. And as more of us buy sustainably produced clothes, we will be growing the supply of organic materials, the knowledge that drives cleaner manufacturing methods, and consumer awareness of the difference between “clean” and “dirty” clothes.

    That’s why H&M’s commitment to building a sustainable business is both wonderful and important. I am a committed fan of the smaller entrepreneurs who are building sustainable fashion brands, but retailers of H&M’s size are needed to really accelerate the changes that make a sustainable fashion business possible on a global scale. H&M is already the largest user of certified organic cotton in the world!

    TriplePundit recently published an inspiring profile of H&M’s partnership with Olivia Wilde and Conscious Commerce to make sustainability fashionable on a mass market scale.

    “Fashion is our way of defining our individuality. Consumers want to shop consciously without sacrificing style or quality. There is a growing trend toward socially responsible brands producing quality, stylish and affordable sustainable fashion. ‘You shouldn’t have to compromise style in order to be sustainable,’ Wilde said.”

    Highly recommended! Read the article on a TriplePundit.

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