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    I’m sure you’ve heard the old Chinese wisdom from Lao Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Take that step today.

    Like so many of us, I worry about the condition of the world we’ll be leaving to our children. But then daily life demands that I get moving, feed the dog, clean up the kitchen, go to work … and it’s comforting to forget the things I would like to make better, but don’t know how. How could I possibly make a difference? Then I realize, that’s the trap.

    You’re going to buy socks, coffee, electricity, soap, and blue jeans anyway. With a little research, you can buy them from brands that have been reinvented for the 21st century – made without poisoning our environment, by people earning a decent living wage, by businesses that reinvest in their local economies. GreenerDailyLife.com offers you a bunch of these choices. They’re the easy steps to take.

    So what? Governments, laws, and regulations have made progress. Non-profits and cause-driven organizations have done a lot. The missing piece of the puzzle is us – consumers. We are the engine that drives the whole dirty economy. If enough of us would just stop buying dirty products – food made with genetically modified, pesticide-laden ingredients, clothes made in Asian factories that have killed entire rivers – and instead choose better versions of those products made by responsible companies, the impact would be enormous.

    There are thousands and thousands of responsible companies you can buy from – almost anything you’d want to buy. They don’t have the marketing budgets that Kraft and Macy’s have, but you can find them. That’s why GreenerDailyLife.com is here.

    We don’t need everyone to change everything they buy. We just need enough of us to make some changes. Enough to reward the companies that are doing the right thing and help them grow. Enough to force big companies to change in order to keep our business.

    “The cash register is the daily voting booth in democratic capitalism. We don’t have to purchase products that destroy or buy from companies that harm…” (Paul Hawken)

    So pick one thing – something that will give you joy when you think about how it was made. Do a little research here and elsewhere (Google works great for this) and try something better.

    Teddy Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President, was a key force in creating our national parks and an early 20th century Progressive with a strong bias toward action. His advice:

    “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” (T. Roosevelt)

    If enough of us did that, can you imagine the impact?

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