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    Step by Step: 50 Shades of Green

    If you are making the transition from industrial food to organics, here’s the place to start. A new version of the “Dirty Dozen” – the 12 fruits and vegetables with the heaviest concentrations of pesticides when they reach your kitchen – is just out from The Environmental Working Group, a wonderful organization that studies the ingredients in consumer products. You can find it and download a PDF copy here. Be sure you are buying organic when you buy these 12 produce items. If your local market doesn’t carry organics, ask for them. Ask every time you go into the store. Remember, the store works for us.

    If millions of us are going to live greener lives, most of us are going to do it in little steps. The premise of GreenerDailyLife.com is to help you start and continue with little steps, where they matter the most in your life. Like the Dirty Dozen. Let us know what you’re most interested in learning about.

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