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    Shopping for Sustainable Fashion

    So you decided you want to start buying sustainably and ethically made clothing?

    Perfect! Verena Erin from the My Green Closet YouTube channel offers simple tips to start shopping consciously.

    To begin, decide what ecological and ethical practices are your top priorities. Whether it’s ethical or fair trade manufacturing, eco-conscious, local, vegan, cruelty-free, etc., decide what aspects are most important to you. OK, we know they’re all important, but let’s simplify the process to get started.

    Next, identify what clothing characteristics are most important for the purchase you have in mind – quality, fit, comfort, functionality, price, style, materials, color/print and or durability. Again, it helps to simplify your starting point. You can take it from there.

    Make a list of things you need in your wardrobe and consider how they fit in with your existing wardrobe.

    If you are shopping online, some sites allow you to filter on eco/ethical priorities. Fashion brands often offer information on their sustainability, and online retailers that carry multiple brands usually make their sustainability priorities clear. Brands often list retailers that carry their goods so you can find items in local stores to try on.

    Second-hand clothing stores are the ultimate sustainable option. Find something you love but it doesn’t quite fit right? Tailoring allows you to create the perfect fit. Finally, if you are looking for an item for a special occasion, consider renting it (try Rent the Runway, for example).

    Check out Verena’s video here.

    – Colleen Ward

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