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    That Copenhagen Cool: SS15 Sustainable Fashion Week

    As Fall leaves usher in another New York Fashion Week, designers showcase their new seasonal designs, but how many of them are sustainably or ethically made? Now transport yourself to the brisk Danish air, where a new era of fashion shows are taking place in Copenhagen and the focus is clearly green.

    In August, the Spring/Summer fashion season (SS15) show in Copenhagen promoted apparel sustainability policy, customer education, and green fashion designers and practices at open talks and events.

    The Peahen blog notes that “Fashion Weeks in Scandinavian countries are less about couture and more about climate. They’ve got action plans, strategies, government infrastructure and case studies to back up their fashion”.

    In 2013, the Financial Times declared Copenhagen Fashion Week the world’s most sustainable fashion week. Eva Kruse, the CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week mentions where the momentum for a sustainable focused fashion week comes from: “We already work intensely with sustainability and corporate social responsibility at Danish Fashion Institute. That is why we chose to dedicate resources to more sustainable activities this fashion week.”

    The designers themselves are centered on sustainability and the fashion week included exhibits such as the Nordic Fashion Exhibition with designers using unconventional materials with things such as recycled plastic bottles.

    One of the talks hosted during Copenhagen Fashion Week focused on addressing the challenges of fashion entrepreneurship and sustainability. The talk was titled: “Sustainable Fashion Talk: What are the needs and challenges of the newly established designers, to enable them to produce more sustainable fashion?”

    Government is also involved. The Danish Parliament hosted live debates with Danish CSR watchdog Danwatch to discuss company policies and compliance. The Minister of Environment even was involved promoting green businesses during a walking tour of Copenhagen shops that carry sustainable products. To close the week and promote the idea of waste reduction and reuse, people swapped clothes at a large open market at the Global Fashion Exchange Copenhagen.

    If you can’t wait until the next Copenhagen Fashion show in February, check out these Danish designers online: Remix, Filippa K and Marimekko.

    To read the full article on this summer’s Copenhagen Fashion Week click here. If you are interested in learning more about other countries leading sustainable fashion click here.

    – Colleen Ward

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