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    What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    This is a teabag from a box of organic green tea I recently bought at the supermarket. Each tea bag comes neatly sealed in clear plastic, then packed into a box that is also wrapped in plastic. All that packaging makes for a pretty heavy environmental footprint for my “organic” cup of tea. If I bought organic tea simply to eliminate pesticides from my diet, I guess I’d be fine with that. But the truth is that most organic food consumers are also concerned with our impact on the environment.

    Celestial Seasonings has given a lot of thought to the environmental impact of their packaging. Here’s how the pros do it:

    1. CS’s tea bags do not include the tag, string, and staple typically attached to each tea bag by most manufacturers. This alone reduces the waste just from Celestial Seasonings tea bags by 3.5 million pounds per year. Just by eliminating the tag and string! The environmental impact of this tea bag design choice goes beyond how much stuff goes into landfills. It’s also about reducing the raw materials and manufacturing impact of producing and attaching the tag, string and staple. CS’s tea bags use less energy, paper, printing ink, etc.
    2. CS’s tea bags are completely biodegradable and compostable, and they are manufactured using a chlorine-free process (traditional processes using chlorine release dioxin, a toxic chemical that is very long-lasting, into the environment).
    3. CS’s boxes are made from 100% recycled material, and are 100% recyclable.

    None of this is complicated or expensive. It just takes a little thought. We’re talking about tea bags!

    Imagine the impact we could have if we paid attention to these “little” items in all of our everyday purchases – or, better, if we simply bought from sustainable producers we knew we could trust. Imagine the impact if millions of us did that. That’s our goal here at GreenerDailyLife.com.

    Join us.

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